Telehealth at UCSF

Telehealth is the use of technology to help patients receive health care over a geographical distance. When correctly implemented, telehealth can increase quality of care, increase patient satisfaction, and decrease the costs of care. Long considered to be the future of healthcare, telehealth technologies are now widely available and easy to use.

The Telehealth Resource Center at UCSF implements and supports programs that allow our that expertise of our providers to be shared with patients located within and beyond San Francisco.  Our currently active programs include:

  • Video Visits -- using video technology to conduct outpatient appointments, saving patients time and money
  • Online Remote Second Opinions -- case reviews for patients who have an existing diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Internal Inpatient Consultations -- consultations from specialists at other UCSF campuses for patients admitted at Parnassus or Mission Bay
  • Outside Facilities -- bedside or clinic consultations with patients at other facilities, in conjunction with their local care team