About Second Opinions

UCSF’s online second opinion service is accessible to patients at ucsfhealth.org/secondopinion. This service allows distantly-located patients to have diagnoses and treatment plans reviewed by UCSF physicians. After reviewing medical records and images, a UCSF physician produces a written second opinion that is delivered to the patient and their local treating physician. There is no direct patient contact.

Cases are patient-initiated and strictly self-pay. This service is an excellent alternative for patients with a new diagnosis who are considering traveling to UCSF for a clinic visit, especially if the next available appointment is many weeks away. It is one of the few forms of telehealth that we can offer outside of California and is available to patients in 45 states and most foreign countries.

Physician Participation

Any physician currently credentialed at UCSF Medical Center is welcome to participate in this program. Simply complete this form and return it to [email protected].

We have partnered with a company, Grand Rounds, to provide both the web platform and the necessary staff for organizing medical records, managing the review process, and communicating with patients. If you choose to participate, Grand Rounds will notify you via email when a case appropriate for you is available. You will have 12 hours to respond; if you choose to accept the case you will have 48 hours in which to provide a review. Reviews typically take about an hour and are compensated; for each completed case, $500 is directed to your department for disbursement to you (minus applicable taxes) as a Z payment, provided you are In Good Standing as defined by the UC Compensation Plan. Payments are made quarterly.

Additionally, we have partnered with another company, More Health, to provide second opinions to select international patients. The process, expected time commitment, and reimbursement for these opinions is identical to that for Grand Rounds, reviews are completed on the More Health site. Occasionally, More Health patients and their local physicians request a follow-up video conference. These are scheduled with the assistance of the UCSF International Services office; compensation is $500 for each 40-minute video conference, or portion thereof.

All participating physicians are eligible to receive cases from both Grand Rounds and More Health.