Second Opinion FAQs



According to their web sites, both Grand Rounds and More Health contract directly with physicians to provide second opinions. Can I just do that?

Unfortunately, no. Contracting independently for outside clinical work is not permitted under the terms of the UC Health Sciences Compensation Agreement. If your employment with UCSF is such that you are not held to that agreement, please contact us for additional information. (This is typically only the case if you are retired, hold a volunteer appointment, or do not have a faculty position.)

I’ve submitted an enrollment form but haven’t gotten any cases yet. Is there a problem?

Probably not. It can take up to three months for your data to be included in the Grand Rounds and More Health physician databases. Beyond that, it is difficult to predict when a case suited to you will arrive. You are welcome to check your enrollment status any time by emailing us.

I have been offered a case but I have not yet enrolled. How did that happen? Can I take the case?

You may certainly take the case. It is possible that a patient specifically requested you by name, or that Grand Rounds or More Health found there were no qualified physicians for the case already enrolled. You should complete and return the enrollment form at your convenience.

Why does the enrollment form ask for my birthdate?

In order to access a case you have accepted on the Grand Rounds platform, you click on a user-specific URL received in email and then confirm your identity by entering your date of birth. This method is used instead of an easily-forgotten username and password combination. If you choose not to provide your birthdate, you won’t be offered cases. 

I’m a non-physician provider, can I participate?

Unfortunately, no. We are not aware of significant demand for second opinions from other types of clinicians. If you have information that suggests otherwise, please let us know.

I’m a fellow, resident, or other trainee. Can I participate?

Sorry, no. The program is for attending physicians only.

I’m UCSF faculty, but I’m credentialed only at ZSFGH or the VA. Can I participate?

Sorry, no. The program is available to physicians credentialed at UCSF Medical Center and UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital.

I’m retired and on recall, can I participate?

Yes. You may want to check with your department to be certain they can process a Z payment for you.  If they can’t, just contact us.

I have a non-standard employment arrangement at UCSF and cannot receive a Z payment. Can I participate?

Yes, but your enrollment process will be different. Because you are not employed under the terms of the UC Health Sciences Compensation Agreement, you will contract with and be compensated directly by Grand Rounds and More Health. The process is very simple, please contact us to get started.


Can a patient name a specific UCSF physician that they would like to review their case?

Yes, if they are creating their case at If the named physician is appropriate for the case, Grand Rounds will reach out directly, enrolling the physician if necessary. If the named physician is inappropriate or not available, the Grand Rounds staff physician and patient coordinator will work to inform the patient of suitable alternatives.

There is information missing from this case that I will need to complete my review. What should I do?

Simply reply to the email you received with case information. Both Grand Rounds and More Health have case coordinators and staff physicians who can work to get the information you need and inform the patient of any resulting delays. (If you are finding that this happens often, it may indicate a workflow issue that requires our attention, so please let us know.)

What happens if I don’t reply to accept or decline a case?

If you don’t reply within a day, the case may be offered to another qualified physician. If you know you can’t take a case, it helps keep the process moving if you take a moment to respond.

How many of these can I expect to be offered?

Volume within a particular specialty or sub-specialty is very difficult to predict. Most active enrolled physicians get between one and three cases per quarter, but some also get much more than that.

I really want to take a case but don’t think I can finish it within 48 hours.  What should I do? 

Reply to the email with the information and the timeframe in which you think you can finish the case. Care coordinators can reach out to patients to appropriately set their expectations regarding the timeline. 

I would like to take this case to Tumor Board. Is that possible?

Yes. Let the care coordinator know, they will follow established protocols for transferring imaging to UCSF and will inform the patient of any resulting delay.

This case contains imaging and/or pathology that I would like re-reviewed by a UCSF radiologist/pathologist. Can that be arranged?

Yes. Just let your case coordinator know and they will arrange for transfer of images and/or tissue. Patients incur an additional fee for these services, so in rare cases patients may not agree. Your case coordinator will keep you apprised should this occur.

I would be happy to see this patient in my clinic for additional diagnostics or treatment I have recommended in my opinion. Can I offer this?

Yes, absolutely. By the same token, if you do not recommend significant changes to the diagnosis or treatment plan, it can be very helpful to reassure the patient that the care they are planning to get at home is suitable.


What’s a Z payment? Where can I look to see if I received one?

Usually, unless you have made other arrangements with your department, a Z payment is directly deposited like a paycheck. You may wish to follow up directly with your local department contact, shown below:

Anesthesia: Judy Chan, Steven Otsuki

Dermatology: Mounira Kenaani

Medicine: Cecilia Cervantes, Shirley Yu

Neurological Surgery: Sasha Mortezaei, Linda Pham

Neurology: Francine Hill

Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Services: Rachel Galgoul

Ophthalmology: Luke DeLong

Orthopedic Surgery: Richard Capra, Laura Meltsner

Otolaryngology: Darin Lum, Mary Bobel

Pediatrics: Laureen Tom

Radiation Oncology: Mounira Kenaani

Radiology: Amy Pradhan, Mary Bobel

Surgery: Mike Panion, Sharon Cheng

Urology: Ginni Sahni, Nabil Ghanem

I did a case but haven’t seen any compensation.  What could be the problem?

Payments are processed quarterly. Quarters end October 31, January 31, April 30 and July 31. Payments take about three weeks to process and typically arrive in February, May, August and November. You are welcome to email us or reach out to your local department contact to check on payment status.

Can I get wRVUs instead of a cash payment for completing second opinions?

Not at this time. 

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