Inpatient Consultations

The UCSF Inpatient Remote Consultation program allows for physicians to provide bedside consultations from remote locations through the use of any of three new tools:

  • Real-time video consults using telemedicine carts
  • Real-time video via OneView In-room Patient Console (IPC) tablets at Mission Bay
  • eConsults via APeX


UCSF Bedside Provider to UCSF Specialty Provider "curbside" consults for patients admitted at Parnassus or Mission Bay.

Physician Tip Sheet for Inpatient Telehealth Internal eConsults

Video Consults

Initiating a Consult:
  1. Using the table below, contact the Resource Nurse where your patient is located to arrange a time for the consult, and to schedule the cart. 
  2. Download the Consultant Tipsheet that describes how to use Jabber, how to connect to a telehealth cart, and how to document. 
Patient Location Phone to Schedule Nurse and Cart Jabber Video Dial-in
Mission Bay
Emergency Dept 353-1818 552-1128
Birth Center Triage 476-7788 552-1127
Labor and Delivery 476-7670 552-1127
Antepartum 476-7644 552-1127
Postpartum 476-7699 552-1127
Adult ICU - 4th Floor 502-0562 552-1126
Adult Acute Care - 5th Floor 502-0562 552-1121
Adult Acute Care - 6th Floor 502-0562 552-1120
Emergency Dept 353-1238 552-1112
All Inpatient Floors 3-9195 or 4-6686 (M-Su 10am - 6pm) 552-1111


Participating Services

Patients admitted at Mission Bay may receive eConsults or Video Consults from the following inpatient consultation services:

Hematology Gastroenterology Dermatology (including pediatrics) Rheumatology
Infectious Disease Nephrology Cardiology Neurology
Endocrinology Psychiatry Endocrinology Chronic Pain

Patients admitted at Parnassus can be seen via Video Consult by Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Patients with an established UCSF Oncologist who are admitted to Parnassus can be seen via ROVE (Remote Oncology Video Encounter).  Unlike other bedside video consultation, these use smaller equipment suitable for conversation but not physical exam.  Unit care teams arrange these visits (not the Resource Nurse), contact the TRC for addidional information.  


Telemedicine carts are located throughout the Mission Bay and Parnassus hospitals. Resource Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and other staff are trained to position and operate the carts, and remain with the patient throughout the encounter.  Carts are available on all inpatient floors at Mission Bay, in the Emergency Department and Limited Stay Unit at Parnassus.

Use of the telemedicine cart is described in this online course, which takes approximately 7 minutes to complete.

Remote participants use the Cisco Jabber video conferencing application.  When used to contact a telemedicine cart, Jabber may be used from any professionally appropriate location.  When used to contact a OneView in-room patient console, Jabber must be used within the UCSF network.